XEL Lottery Payouts

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 How to participate:
  • Only version 3.1.0 or 3.1.1 can win in the lottery
  • How to set up a node:
  • Install java: sudo apt-get install default-jdk
  • git clone
  • cd Elastic-XEL-Litewallet ; ./
  • How to update version: cd Elastic-XEL-Litewallet ; git pull ; ./
  • pico conf/
  • nxt.adminPassword=123
  • nxt.myPlatform=XEL-...
  • CTRL-O and CTRL-X to save and exit pico
  • screen -mS xel ./
  • To exit screen, press CTRL A D. To return: screen -r xel
  • Hallmark (weight) will increase your winning amount with 25%. nxt.myHallmark=...
  • curl -X POST "http://localhost:17876/nxt?requestType=markHost&secretPhrase=my%20secret&"

  •     Winner of 0.533 XEL: Athens, Greece at 2017-10-05 17:55 (UTC)

    CountryHeightTime (UTC)RecipientsAmount
    170,96617:55Deer0.533 XEL
    159,9410:55Creamers1.495 XEL
    159,87923:55Gregory Dunn1.137 XEL
    159,82222:55Creamers1.589 XEL
    159,76421:55XEL-GGVN-9239-FV66-2KUKJ1.236 XEL
    159,69720:55Creamers0.631 XEL
    159,63619:55Deer1.010 XEL
    159,57518:55Creamers0.999 XEL
    159,52117:55Deer1.125 XEL
    159,46716:55Creamers1.461 XEL
    159,40115:55XEL-GGVN-9239-FV66-2KUKJ0.776 XEL
    159,33914:55Gunnari Liikkuvainen1.502 XEL
    159,27313:55XEL-GGVN-9239-FV66-2KUKJ1.584 XEL
    159,21512:55Gunnari Liikkuvainen1.827 XEL
    159,16411:55Creamers0.770 XEL
    159,09310:55Gunnari Liikkuvainen1.318 XEL
    159,0359:55Deer0.695 XEL
    158,9798:55Gunnari Liikkuvainen1.766 XEL
    158,9247:55Creamers1.616 XEL
    158,8666:55Gunnari Liikkuvainen1.571 XEL
    158,8015:55Creamers1.620 XEL
    158,7434:55XEL-GGVN-9239-FV66-2KUKJ1.363 XEL
    158,6743:55Deer1.867 XEL
    158,6122:55aaa1.104 XEL
    Sum 24hrs= $ 0.24 = 31 XEL