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 How to participate:
  • Only version 3.1.0 or 3.1.1 can win in the lottery
  • How to set up a node:
  • git clone
  • cd Elastic-XEL-Litewallet ; ./
  • How to update version: cd Elastic-XEL-Litewallet ; git pull ; ./
  • pico conf/
  • nxt.adminPassword=123
  • nxt.myPlatform=XEL-...
  • CTRL-O and CTRL-X to save and exit pico
  • screen -mS xel ./
  • To exit screen, press CTRL A D. To return: screen -r xel
  • Hallmark (weight) will increase your winning amount with 25%. nxt.myHallmark=...
  • curl -X POST "http://localhost:17876/nxt?requestType=markHost&secretPhrase=my%20secret&"
  • where 123 above is replaced by your own administrator password defined in
  • The following XEL lottery nodes are registered: