FIMK Lottery Payouts

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 How to participate:
  • Only versions 0.6.4 or 0.6.3 can win in the lottery
  • nxt.myPlatform must be set to your account ID (FIM- etc)
  • Hallmark will increase your winning amount with 25%
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  •     Winner of 30 FIMK: , France at 2018-03-31 15:55 (UTC)

    CountryHeightTime (UTC)RecipientsAmount
    2,294,22115:55FIM-BA5R-RCE5-UMT5-4XV6R30 FIMK
    2,293,6968:55not a pool52 FIMK
    2,293,6517:55FIM-BA5R-RCE5-UMT5-4XV6R47 FIMK
    2,293,5706:55not a pool63 FIMK
    2,293,4985:55FIM-BA5R-RCE5-UMT5-4XV6R33 FIMK
    2,293,4254:55FIM-ECBU-BEPR-ZEUP-ADZJ958 FIMK
    2,293,3463:55FIM-BA5R-RCE5-UMT5-4XV6R47 FIMK
    2,293,2872:55not a pool59 FIMK
    2,293,2101:55FIM-BA5R-RCE5-UMT5-4XV6R72 FIMK
    2,293,1260:55FIM-ECBU-BEPR-ZEUP-ADZJ955 FIMK
    2,293,04823:55FIM-BA5R-RCE5-UMT5-4XV6R75 FIMK
    2,292,96422:55not a pool45 FIMK
    2,292,87821:55FIM-ECBU-BEPR-ZEUP-ADZJ977 FIMK
    2,292,80720:55FIM-8Z96-4U4J-34WT-34K2Y49 FIMK
    2,292,73419:55FIM-BA5R-RCE5-UMT5-4XV6R58 FIMK
    2,292,64718:55not a pool34 FIMK
    2,292,57617:55FIM-BA5R-RCE5-UMT5-4XV6R55 FIMK
    2,292,53416:55FIM-8Z96-4U4J-34WT-34K2Y72 FIMK
    2,292,46315:55FIM-BA5R-RCE5-UMT5-4XV6R28 FIMK
    2,292,40814:55not a pool68 FIMK
    2,292,34013:55FIM-ECBU-BEPR-ZEUP-ADZJ955 FIMK
    2,292,26512:55FIM-8Z96-4U4J-34WT-34K2Y48 FIMK
    2,096,3101:55not a pool54 FIMK
    2,096,2310:55FIM-YHPW-ZWK7-B6ZH-26AF529 FIMK
    Sum 24hrs= $ 1.02 = 1263 FIMK